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Types of neuropathy

maxresdefaultNeuropathy is something that the people should have on their minds, because there is a good chance that it might affect you or someone you care about. It was reported that as much as 8% of people over the age of 55 suffer from it, and therefore people ought to get to know it, in order to know how to counter it and deal with it. And right now, we are going to tell you about the various types of neuropathy that can affect us. So, let’s start with explaining what neuropathy really is.

You see, every human’s nervous system consists of two parts: one of them is the central nervous system, and the other one is the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is made up of various nerves that send messages to and from the central nervous system (which is basically made up of our brains and spinal cords) and all other sections of our bodies. These nerves are not to be thought of as just some mailmen transporting messages; they also do various other important things, like regulating various functions all over our bodies. These functions include the voluntary muscle movement, which depend on the motor nerves; the involuntary organ activities, which depend on the autonomic nerves; and the stimuli, which depends on the sensory nerves. Now, when some of these nerves get damaged or disrupted in any way, the condition called the peripheral neuropathy appears, and the people suffering from it start feeling inexplicable pains.

When it comes to the general population, it is said that around 2.5% of people suffer from this condition, and as we have already mentioned, about 8% of the people over the age of 55. However, it should be said that these statistics do not include all the people that have been affected by neuropathy that has resulted from any kind of a physical trauma to the nerves or the peripheral nervous system.

We’ve already mentioned what kind of nerves can get disrupted and cause this condition, but the peripheral neuropathy does not have to be cause by all of them; in fact, this condition can be cause by only one faulty nerve! This type of neuropathy is called mononeuropathy, and it includes ulnar neuropathy, which affects the elbow; radial neuropathy, which affects the arm; peroneal neuropathy, which affects the knee; femoral neuropathy, which affects the thigh; and cervical neuropathy, which affects the neck.

imagesOf course, neuropathy can also be caused by two or more isolated nerves, which results in mononeuritis multiplex neuropathy. However, more frequently, the nerves that malfunction do it at the same time, and this type of neuropathy is called the polyneuropathy. These are just the most common one, but according to experts, there are over 100 types of neuropathy!

It is important to note that people should not be scared of this condition, due to the fact that these is medication out there that can treat it. Some experts claim that the Nerve Renew is the best one of them, and if you are interested in it, you can read this Nerve Renew review to find out more about it.