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How To Nautrally Increase Testosterone


Men have testosterone while the women have Estrogen. These are the two hormones that will boost the properties either for men or women respectively. With age, the availability of these hormones will start decreasing. For the men, thedecrease starts at the age of 30 years. The decrease goes on until death and considering the essential roles this hormone has, one cannot afford to have it reduced. It ensures optimum performance in sexual matters, boosting of hair growth, enhance muscle development and also impacts the reproductive system. There are natural ways that you can adopt to keep your testosterone hormone at an ideal level and the use of legal steroids and the methods below are becoming more and more popular.

  • Have the ideal body weight

Overweight is a condition affecting many men these days. Unfortunately, obesity comes with some negativity with it. The level of testosterone in the body will vary between those with obesity and the normal men. Overweight men have lower concentration of this hormone. This is from a proven and reliable research. You therefore need to have the body weight reduced to normal if you want to have the hormone concentration raised. This will have to do with regular body exercises, proper choice of diet etc.

  • Exercise intensively

Regular exercise at a higher pace is known to increase the production of testosterone hormone. This means that you practice the hardest you can within a shortest duration of time. Prolonged exercises that are moderate will have no much impact on the level of this hormone which is unlike the previous. This can then be boosted by taking some easily digested protein intake after the exercise. Around 20 minutes of intensive exercise is enough. Combine exercises with the best legal steroids supplements for muscle growth as these will have a direct impact on the levels of testosterone in the body.

  • Stay away from stress

Stress is a condition that limits most of the body functions. This is due to the many negative impacting hormones being released into the body. Cortisol is the hormone that will be released into the body system when you are experiencing stress. This hormone will work against the testosterone hormone so that its effects like better mating, aggression, and competing are not displayed. In some cases, these characteristics will be made dormant for a prolonged duration of time if you experienced excessive or chronic stress. The best way to go approach stress is to keep doing what makes you happy and taking challenges positively.

  • Don’t take sugary foods

Sugary foods are very common these days. Everyone almost takes one daily. This is because they are sweet and attractive. The effects they have on the men are not as beautiful as the sugars themselves however. They will hinder the functionality of testosterone as well as its production. High levels of insulin, another hormone that impacts testosterone, are enhanced with increased intake of sugars. Both emotional and physical effects come with increased sugar intake. Fighting these sugar cravings and eliminating them from our diets can go a long way to ensure increased production of testosterone.

These are just a few points to note. Others include taking more zinc, take more vitamin D, healthy fats intake etc.