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Are FitBits Worth Using in the Gym?

Fitbit, probably the biggest name in the wearable fitness tracker market, has recently been hit with a class action lawsuit from three individuals because their heart rate trackers do not properly monitor heart rates as they are promoted.

The three people that are suing FitBit each say that the readings on their Fitbit trackers were off by a large degree. One of them alleges in the suit that in one instance, her individual instructor recorded her heart rate at 160 beats per minute while her FitBit device had her heart rate at only 82 beats per minute.

This is a pretty big deal because her and her trainer both claim she was coming close to the maximum suggested heart rate for her age, and also if she had continued to count on her incorrect FitBit activity tracker, she might well have actually surpassed it and jeopardized her health and safety.

Another one of the ones suing FitBit states in the claim that she discovered her own FitBit HR was off from other displays on stationary bike equipment, she called Fitbit, to which they advised her to reboot her device. When that did not solve the problem, she talked with a Fitbit rep online, who was not willing to offer her a refund or replacement.

Jonathan Selbin, one of the attorneys representing the three people suing FitBit, has informed sites like Mashable and Gizmodo, that Fitbit promotes its gadgets for high-intensity exercises, but “it’s extremely inaccurate when you utilize it for that purpose. You market it to do something, but it can’t do it.”.

All 3 complainants agree in the claim that they would not have purchased their Fitbit trackers or would certainly have paid dramatically less if they knew that they cannot regularly provide accurate heart rate readings.

Some people may think this is another attempt of people suing a company just to get money but in this case, the wildly inaccurate reading could have caused some serious health issues or even death. It also seems that the people suing also tried to remedy the situation by contacting FitBit directly but FitBit didn’t seem to take their complaints serious or provide them with proper support.

Some might be wondering why someone can sue FitBit but lawsuits in the past have been thrown out when people have tried to sue supplement companies and other similar companies in the past. The reason for this is companies that make products that state things like they make the “top testosterone booster of 2016” orbest wrist wraps of 2016 state specifically that their products might help users reach certain results. If you pay close attention to their ads they state in fine print that their products are not guaranteed to work and may not actually help users. FitBit, on the other hand, stated through ads and in their fine print that their fitness trackers not only track your heart rate but they did it accurately as well. The waist training center has a very informative article on the exact benefits of the Fit Bit for weight loss.

Not to mention that if their heart rate trackers are that inaccurate then it could again cause a medical emergency or even death. At this point, the lawsuit is still in it’s early stages so we will have to wait and see what happens with this case. It has the potential to put hurt the whole fitness tracker industry which is one of the fastest growing technology products of the last few years.