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7 Ways To Stay Super Concentrated When At Work or Workingout

7 Tips to staying focused at work of when working out using Modafinil


You may think you are not being productive enough, not working enough, contributing enough … Sometimes as empty, as if you had not done your day.
This may be a sign of a certain reality …
So many distractions, interruptions … We would have to respond to every request?
If you are not able to manage your concentration, you create time intervals for yourself, you’ll eat you alive!
Here are seven good practices to be productive now and in the long term.


1. Abandon multitasking

It is not effective for most people. Let checker our emails, our messages, answer the phone … Let’s not do many things at the same time (chat, finish a record, answer the phone …).
You will say, “Yes, but sometimes I have to be available. ” Exact. But for a short time after all. Allow yourself then periods “multitask”: mail, telephone, small tasks …
There are so many machines today with alarms, ringtones, beeps … we must put everything on off to stay focused.
It is better to plan the periods in which you want to multitask.
You can set email / phone answering, “I work at the moment, I answer the email and telephone between 11am and 12pm and between 16h and 17H. If you want to contact me directly, call me during these periods. ”
This will cut the interruptions.
We programmed another as what we are constantly available. We have to stop that.
– How ?
Plan ahead your entertainment time.


2. Reject distractions and interruptions

Unfortunately this is the way we lead our lives.
We are wired to seek distraction. It’s an addiction. In our old environment, it was useful. We must be alert. Today, this hinders our own development.
– How ?
Close messaging applications, turn off your phone work in a room reserved at work.


3. Work with uninterrupted work unit – minimum 1 hour

We must focus our time block. No interruptions for 1 hour. You will see that you will be much more productive.
Most things, mails can wait 1 hour or 2H before being processed. But we are so on the lookout for news, we we impede our own success.
– How ?
Concentrate the important things in blocks of 1 hour 2 hours or better.

7 Amazing tips to stay focused


4. Try Modafinil to help you stay alert and focused throughout the day

Ever seen the famous movie film ‘Limitless’? It’s a story about a guy who has writers block for years, feels unproductive and bascially useless. He finds out about this new Nootropic, mind enhancer, NZT-48. Takes it, and becomes like Superman. He feels productive, has purpose, can learn things in minutes and is able to do anything. Well, Modafinil is the closest possible Nootropic to NZT-48 and it is available online at Modafizone.


5. Create routines that become habits

Tony Schwartz in the Power of full engagement, we indicated that we finally do not have much will power. And we use our willpower by resisting the temptation to interrupts. And over time, this force is shrinking.
We must use it more efficiently.
The best way to use it is to create routines, habits.
For the things we do and think today are 99% the same as yesterday.
We are of those famous “creatures of habits”.
– How ?
Using the little strength of will that we have to do the same thing every day and after a few weeks you’ll see that it’s become a habit and you no longer need to use this control.
Once a month, create a routine intentionally after one month, it will become a habit. Try using modafy nootropic stack to help stay focussed.
Imagine creating a new routine per month for 1 year. Imagine what you will be able to do.


6. Manage your willpower

The third day of your new habit, it’ll be difficult.
The first day you wait to start. You have everything planned.
Second, it will again.
But the third, you say: “Oh no, it’s too different, I do not usually, is that it is really useful? Usually I’m free at that time … “The former usually happens:” I do not want to do the new habit, I want to do the former, the one I used. ”
And here is the drama…
When a rocket taking off, most of the fuel is used during the first minutes of takeoff. The fuel is 80% of the weight of the craft. And all this burning in minutes. And all this energy burnt is used to reach space. Once gravity remainder of the fuel is used for 2 weeks.
It’s the same when you create a new habit. You put most of your energy at first.
That’s why it’s important to do the important things first. Before using all your strength of will …
You must do as you still have enough fuel. And then you will be in orbit.
Put your habits into orbit.


7. Create an environment that allows you to stay focused on what’s important

What will best stimulate productivity is your environment: your ecosystem.
If you want to take control of your life, you need to create an ecosystem that stimulates you.
There is too much temptation today: watch TV, go out, chat, radio, SoundCloud, facebook …

We must create an environment that helps us to stay focused on the essentials.

If you do not create an environment conducive to healthy activities, to do what you need to do, then you will not achieve what you want.

That’s just the way it works. We are creatures very sensitive to distractions, always looking for a distraction.
So unless you configure your environment to not be disturbed, you will always be interrupted.
Interruptions always try to interfere, do so continuously attention.