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3 Great Nike Trainers To Consider When Choosing Gym Footwear

Nike is known all over the world for producing some of the best trainers in the market and their range of gym trainers are the very best money can buy. It is one of the best brands in the market and excels in every product it brings across to the market and undoubtedly is a world leader in this field.  The usage of Nike is predominantly seen on tracks, field and in gyms as well. Known for its stylised looks and design, these trainers are high on durability and comfort aspects as well. The brand believes in constantly innovating itself to the needs of the consumer and employs latest state-of-the-art technology in its making. Now let us take a look at three of the best Nike trainers available for use in the gym and what makes them click with the users.

  1. Nike Air Huarache Utility Royal Crimson Safari: Nike Air Huarache Utility Royal Crimson SafariThis is one of the most colourful offerings from the immensely popular Nike Huarache range. Nike has gone full blast with the usage of Crimson here. It is high on durability aspect with the presence of a neoprene inner. The flex grooves on the outsole provide additional support and a firm grip to the user while involved in a workout session. It has a well-designed midsole which gives good cushioning support to the user while working with weights. This pair promises a comfortable experience to the user.
  1. Nike Flyknit Racer Game Royal Flash Pink: Nike Flyknit Racer Game Royal Flash PinkThis colourfully vibrant Nike trainer comes as a lightweight and extremely durable footwear accessory to be used in a gym. The Purple and Pink combination is eye-catching and appeals to a large section of consumers. The flyknit material used in its making gives additional comfort to the foot by contouring to its shape. Also, it provides excellent protection and a good lockdown fit to the user. It comes with good ventilation and breathability aspects.
  1. Nike Sock Dart SE Total Crimson: Nike Sock Dart SE Total CrimsonThis pair is packed with a host of features and is best suited for gym use. The trainer is a riot of Crimson all over and instantly attracts consumers the world over. The trainer’s upper is knitted, is flexible and fits well. It is lightweight and contours to the foot of the user. The mid strap is adjustable as required by the user to give additional comfort and the heel gives good support. Overall this is one of the best pairs on offer by Nike.


The modern day consumer has an insatiable appetite for the best and is surely not easy to please. From what we have noticed it is quite evident that these three Nike trainers are high in style, design, comfort and durability. Also, the emphasis on colours and the unique combinations of colours adopted in the making along with the application of a contrasting layering of these colours on the trainers is definitely a visual appeal attracts the consumers on the go. Nike makes a commendable effort in the use of technology involved in the making and constantly innovated itself to stay on top of the game.