How To Talk Dirty To A Girl Over Text

For a lot of guys, learning how to talk dirty to a girl over text can be a bit complicated. After all, talking dirty over text is a variation of sex play, and that sort of thing is always fraught with complications. Sexting is much more difficult because you can’t gauge her reactions based on her voice

Women Body Language: 4 Important Steps To Understanding Them

There’s a scene in one of the Harry Potter books when after Hermione tried to explain the actions of Harry’s distraught date, Ron exclaimed, “You should write a book translating the mad things girls do so boys can understand them.” It’s hard enough to decipher what women mean when they say something—such as when they say they’re fine but they really

How To Boost Your Confidence With Women and Get them to like you

Men’s Lack of confidence with women has resulted in a barrage of online advice articles and books regarding the best ways to talk and interact with women. The problem with this scenario is that many advice articles are written by guys who don’t really know what they’re talking about. Some of them even recommend a cocky approach