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Are FitBits Worth Using in the Gym?

Fitbit, probably the biggest name in the wearable fitness tracker market, has recently been hit with a class action lawsuit from three individuals because their heart rate trackers do not properly monitor heart rates as they are promoted.

The three people that are suing FitBit each say that the readings on their Fitbit trackers were off by a large degree. One of them alleges in the suit that in one instance, her individual instructor recorded her heart rate at 160 beats per minute while her FitBit device had her heart rate at only 82 beats per minute.

This is a pretty big deal because her and her trainer both claim she was coming close to the maximum suggested heart rate for her age, and also if she had continued to count on her incorrect FitBit activity tracker, she might well have actually surpassed it and jeopardized her health and safety.

Another one of the ones suing FitBit states in the claim that she discovered her own FitBit HR was off from other displays on stationary bike equipment, she called Fitbit, to which they advised her to reboot her device. When that did not solve the problem, she talked with a Fitbit rep online, who was not willing to offer her a refund or replacement.

Jonathan Selbin, one of the attorneys representing the three people suing FitBit, has informed sites like Mashable and Gizmodo, that Fitbit promotes its gadgets for high-intensity exercises, but “it’s extremely inaccurate when you utilize it for that purpose. You market it to do something, but it can’t do it.”.

All 3 complainants agree in the claim that they would not have purchased their Fitbit trackers or would certainly have paid dramatically less if they knew that they cannot regularly provide accurate heart rate readings.

Some people may think this is another attempt of people suing a company just to get money but in this case, the wildly inaccurate reading could have caused some serious health issues or even death. It also seems that the people suing also tried to remedy the situation by contacting FitBit directly but FitBit didn’t seem to take their complaints serious or provide them with proper support.

Some might be wondering why someone can sue FitBit but lawsuits in the past have been thrown out when people have tried to sue supplement companies and other similar companies in the past. The reason for this is companies that make products that state things like they make the “top testosterone booster of 2016” orbest wrist wraps of 2016 state specifically that their products might help users reach certain results. If you pay close attention to their ads they state in fine print that their products are not guaranteed to work and may not actually help users. FitBit, on the other hand, stated through ads and in their fine print that their fitness trackers not only track your heart rate but they did it accurately as well.

Not to mention that if their heart rate trackers are that inaccurate then it could again cause a medical emergency or even death. At this point, the lawsuit is still in it’s early stages so we will have to wait and see what happens with this case. It has the potential to put hurt the whole fitness tracker industry which is one of the fastest growing technology products of the last few years.

Phenylpiracetam – The Perfect Supplement for Fitness-Driven Individuals

Most fitness freak people use various supplements while caring for improving their stamina and tolerance to perform better while exercising but most of these supplements include certain ingredients that can reduce their effect instead of making them more effective. Phenylpiracetam is such a supplement which can be used by the fitness-driven people for enhancing their endurance and tolerance along with improving their learning capability and memory. It is termed as a new Racetam member to the family of Nootropics which was initially created in 1990s in Russia. Brief information about Phenylpiracetam, its working, benefits and side effects is provided in this write-up for your consideration.

Introduction to Phenylpiracetam

In fact Phenylpiracetam is the modified version of an original Nootropic, Piracetam. The inclusion of a molecule of phenyl group makes the structure of Phenylpiracetam different from its parent Nootropic. But this inclusion made it 60 times more powerful supplement than the original supplement to stimulate the central nervous system in a unique manner like Nootropic.

This supplement can also pass through blood-brain barrier effectively and easily due to the addition of the molecule of phenyl group. Researchers have proved that it allows its user to get the effect similar to other Nootropics just by taking it in smaller dosage as it can remain in your system for long time after its fast activation.

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam has many effects similar to Piracetam as structurally they are similar. So for this reason most of their benefits and cognitive effects are similar. Increase in the speed of recall and memory are among the main benefits of Phenylpiracetam. You can also improve your learning capability, concentration, mental power and focus by consuming it regularly. It can also be used to treat foggy brain among many other medical complications.

According to various studies this supplement can also be used in improving movement and mood. The evidences available in this regard also help in proving that it can also modulate the sites of different receptors and neurotransmitters as it includes ingredients like GABA, acetylcholine, dopamine and NDMA. For these reasons Phenylpiracetam can also be used for reducing the sickness caused by motion. Its tests on animals have also proved it to be effective while responding the fear, improving the activity of locomotor as well as reducing anxiety.

Phenylpiracetam for working out

Problem solving skills and improving switching attention are some of the other benefits experienced by the people having asthenia problem. Many people with the problem of sleep deprivation can also find it effective. An increase in tolerance for cold and flu is another interesting benefit of Phenylpiracetam.

Effectiveness of Phenylpiracetam

The businessmen, women and students who want to improve their productivity can use Phenylpiracetam as one of the best supplement which can improve their physical as well as mental potentials. It also helps the students in keeping them alert and vigilant while studying, especially during late night studies. They can also use it to improve your mental energy and focus before test to improve their performance. It can also be used as general enhancer for cognitive activities like improving the learning capability, speed of recalling and memory. Small dosages of Phenylpiracetam can also help in motivating students by improving their mood. It can also significantly reduce the effect of anxiety and stress of the students especially when their exams get closer.

Athletes can also find Phenylpiracetam effective for improving their stamina especially while giving performance. As a stress reducer supplement it helps in reducing the negative effect of stress from their entire body and improve their ability to recover, endurance and stamina. It is also used to improve the tolerance for cold and flu. Some of the fitness focused people also include it in their pre-workout stack for these reasons. One must be carefull however because like most drugs this can cause side effects including hair growth. Men will therefore want to arm themselves with a blade and shaving cream. If you don't know the best way to get rid of unwanted hair then check out How to shave your balls and all the rest

You can also take Phenylpiracetam if you want to increase good amount of clean and focused additional energy in your body like other supplements of this kind. This effect is not due to non-inclusion of caffeine type ingredients but due to the addition of phenyl group in it. It is also used as a safer and less dangerous alternative to other such supplements available in the market.

Thus the information provided in this write-up proves that Phenylpiracetam is perfect supplement for fitness focused individuals.

Are You Fit Enough To Have Chiropractic Treatment?

By the look of the name, chiropractic seems to be a treatment only for the rich. If you read more about it, you will discover that the treatment is there for all who are looking forward to getting rid of their pain. Pain does not select who to affect. We can only adopt the measures that will keep us off the pain. Even then, the pain will still follow you however much you don’t like it to. A Chiropractor will consider this and offer all the patients the attention they deserve to fight pain. Starting from the children to the old, there is a treatment for you.

Chiropractors are flexible professionals

The chiropractors undergo the necessary training to enable them to perform to their level best in the world of treating pain. They will be able to adjust in every single situation they are faced with. Even the children will be experiencing chronic pain. They need to be treated as well with this natural and effective method. The musculoskeletal systems that may be misaligned during their play need to be twisted to normal position so that the nerves can relax and stop sending the pain signals to the brain. There are pediatric chiropractors who specialize on the children. Others will deal with the old people who have no much strength. The middle-aged people form the biggest proportion of chiropractic clients because they are the working class. Chiropractors are not selective of who to treat however if at all mechanical pain is the main concern. You just need to contact them, and the pain is gone. For a professional chiropractor, check out boca raton chiropractor before you exercise.

The cost is average

If you compare the prices set for the medical care and chiropractic care, there is a huge difference. The doctors will always be higher in price. They tend to use a lot of input in their operations. The medicines, as well as the facilities, will cost them more. Other special procedures like the surgeries will also cost more money. Chiropractors, on the other hand, are cheap guys. They will only use their hands to treat pain effectively. You don’t have to be rich to access their services. Their prices are lower to the level of most people affording it. All you need is to go for it.

chiropractorThe pregnant women

There is so much that usually changes with pregnant women. The hormones are released into the body system making things look different. Other than the mood changing, the pregnant women also undergo an increase in weight from the developing fetus inside them. The support structures are more susceptible to misalignment due to the increased weight. If you are pregnant, you need to make chiropractors your friend to make your pregnancy period, at least, free of pain.

In general, everybody is welcomed in the chiropractic world other than those who are of poor health.

Article courtesy of Chiropractor Appleton. please visit their website for further health advice.

How To Nautrally Increase Testosterone


Men have testosterone while the women have Estrogen. Now men need testosterone for a variety of things, from building muscle to helping them grow a full beard. These are the two hormones that will boost the properties either for men or women respectively. With age, the availability of these hormones will start decreasing. For the men, thedecrease starts at the age of 30 years. The decrease goes on until death and considering the essential roles this hormone has, one cannot afford to have it reduced. It ensures optimum performance in sexual matters, boosting of hair growth, enhance muscle development and also impacts the reproductive system. There are natural ways that you can adopt to keep your testosterone hormone at an ideal level and the use of legal steroids and the methods below are becoming more and more popular.

  • Have the ideal body weight

Overweight is a condition affecting many men these days. Unfortunately, obesity comes with some negativity with it. The level of testosterone in the body will vary between those with obesity and the normal men. Overweight men have lower concentration of this hormone. This is from a proven and reliable research. You therefore need to have the body weight reduced to normal if you want to have the hormone concentration raised. This will have to do with regular body exercises, proper choice of diet etc.

  • Exercise intensively

Regular exercise at a higher pace is known to increase the production of testosterone hormone. This means that you practice the hardest you can within a shortest duration of time. Prolonged exercises that are moderate will have no much impact on the level of this hormone which is unlike the previous. This can then be boosted by taking some easily digested protein intake after the exercise. Around 20 minutes of intensive exercise is enough. Combine exercises with the best legal steroids supplements for muscle growth as these will have a direct impact on the levels of testosterone in the body.

  • Stay away from stress

Stress is a condition that limits most of the body functions. This is due to the many negative impacting hormones being released into the body. Cortisol is the hormone that will be released into the body system when you are experiencing stress. This hormone will work against the testosterone hormone so that its effects like better mating, aggression, and competing are not displayed. In some cases, these characteristics will be made dormant for a prolonged duration of time if you experienced excessive or chronic stress. The best way to go approach stress is to keep doing what makes you happy and taking challenges positively.

  • Don’t take sugary foods

Sugary foods are very common these days. Everyone almost takes one daily. This is because they are sweet and attractive. The effects they have on the men are not as beautiful as the sugars themselves however. They will hinder the functionality of testosterone as well as its production. High levels of insulin, another hormone that impacts testosterone, are enhanced with increased intake of sugars. Both emotional and physical effects come with increased sugar intake. Fighting these sugar cravings and eliminating them from our diets can go a long way to ensure increased production of testosterone.

These are just a few points to note. Others include taking more zinc, take more vitamin D, healthy fats intake etc.

7 Ways To Stay Super Concentrated When At Work or Workingout

7 Tips to staying focused at work of when working out using Modafinil


You may think you are not being productive enough, not working enough, contributing enough … Sometimes as empty, as if you had not done your day.
This may be a sign of a certain reality …
So many distractions, interruptions … We would have to respond to every request?
If you are not able to manage your concentration, you create time intervals for yourself, you’ll eat you alive!
Here are seven good practices to be productive now and in the long term.


1. Abandon multitasking

It is not effective for most people. Let checker our emails, our messages, answer the phone … Let’s not do many things at the same time (chat, finish a record, answer the phone …).
You will say, “Yes, but sometimes I have to be available. ” Exact. But for a short time after all. Allow yourself then periods “multitask”: mail, telephone, small tasks …
There are so many machines today with alarms, ringtones, beeps … we must put everything on off to stay focused.
It is better to plan the periods in which you want to multitask.
You can set email / phone answering, “I work at the moment, I answer the email and telephone between 11am and 12pm and between 16h and 17H. If you want to contact me directly, call me during these periods. ”
This will cut the interruptions.
We programmed another as what we are constantly available. We have to stop that.
– How ?
Plan ahead your entertainment time.


2. Reject distractions and interruptions

Unfortunately this is the way we lead our lives.
We are wired to seek distraction. It’s an addiction. In our old environment, it was useful. We must be alert. Today, this hinders our own development.
– How ?
Close messaging applications, turn off your phone work in a room reserved at work.


3. Work with uninterrupted work unit – minimum 1 hour

We must focus our time block. No interruptions for 1 hour. You will see that you will be much more productive.
Most things, mails can wait 1 hour or 2H before being processed. But we are so on the lookout for news, we we impede our own success.
– How ?
Concentrate the important things in blocks of 1 hour 2 hours or better.

7 Amazing tips to stay focused


4. Try Modafinil to help you stay alert and focused throughout the day

Ever seen the famous movie film ‘Limitless’? It’s a story about a guy who has writers block for years, feels unproductive and bascially useless. He finds out about this new Nootropic, mind enhancer, NZT-48. Takes it, and becomes like Superman. He feels productive, has purpose, can learn things in minutes and is able to do anything. Well, Modafinil is the closest possible Nootropic to NZT-48 and it is available online at Modafizone. Modafizone is the largest online store for purchasing Modalert, Waklert, Artvigil and Modvigil online and has a 5 star rating across the internet. It is quickly becoming one of the worlds most used smart pills online and is also recommended by Doctors!


5. Create routines that become habits

Tony Schwartz in the Power of full engagement, we indicated that we finally do not have much will power. And we use our willpower by resisting the temptation to interrupts. And over time, this force is shrinking.
We must use it more efficiently.
The best way to use it is to create routines, habits.
For the things we do and think today are 99% the same as yesterday.
We are of those famous “creatures of habits”.
– How ?
Using the little strength of will that we have to do the same thing every day and after a few weeks you’ll see that it’s become a habit and you no longer need to use this control.
Once a month, create a routine intentionally after one month, it will become a habit. Try using modafy nootropic stack to help stay focussed.
Imagine creating a new routine per month for 1 year. Imagine what you will be able to do.


6. Manage your willpower

The third day of your new habit, it’ll be difficult.
The first day you wait to start. You have everything planned.
Second, it will again.
But the third, you say: “Oh no, it’s too different, I do not usually, is that it is really useful? Usually I’m free at that time … “The former usually happens:” I do not want to do the new habit, I want to do the former, the one I used. ”
And here is the drama…
When a rocket taking off, most of the fuel is used during the first minutes of takeoff. The fuel is 80% of the weight of the craft. And all this burning in minutes. And all this energy burnt is used to reach space. Once gravity remainder of the fuel is used for 2 weeks.
It’s the same when you create a new habit. You put most of your energy at first.
That’s why it’s important to do the important things first. Before using all your strength of will …
You must do as you still have enough fuel. And then you will be in orbit.
Put your habits into orbit.


7. Create an environment that allows you to stay focused on what’s important

What will best stimulate productivity is your environment: your ecosystem.
If you want to take control of your life, you need to create an ecosystem that stimulates you.
There is too much temptation today: watch TV, go out, chat, radio, SoundCloud, facebook …

We must create an environment that helps us to stay focused on the essentials.

If you do not create an environment conducive to healthy activities, to do what you need to do, then you will not achieve what you want.

That’s just the way it works. We are creatures very sensitive to distractions, always looking for a distraction.
So unless you configure your environment to not be disturbed, you will always be interrupted.
Interruptions always try to interfere, do so continuously attention.


We hope you have enjoyed this article and for more information on Nootropics and Modafinil, head over to for tonnes of extra videos and products.


images (1)Chlamydia is a bacterial sexually transmitted disease which is treatable.It’s gone on starting with one individual then onto the next through unprotected (sex without a condom). It is most basic in youngsters matured 16-24.Therefore, youngsters who are sexually dynamic, ought to be screened. Pharmacies offer FREE chlamydia screening for under 24s.

A great many people who have chlamydia don’t see any indications, and consequently, don’t know they have it. In the event that you get signs or indications, these normally show up somewhere around one and three weeks of having unprotected sex with a tainted individual.

It might be any of the accompanying:

In ladies

  • Unusual vaginal release
  • Need to urinate all the more regularly
  • Pain while having intercourse or urinating
  • Lower stomach torment or issues
  • Bleeding after sex or seeping between periods

In men

  • Discharge from penis which is clear or overcast
  • Pain or blazing sensation while urinating
  • Irritation at the penis’ tip
  • Painful and swollen testicles ( balls)

In the event that chlamydia is left untreated in ladies, it can spread to the womb, and can bring about entanglements, for example, fruitlessness pelvic incendiary infection, ectopic pregnancy (child develops outside the womb), early unnatural birth cycle or untimely conception.

In men it can bring about inconveniences, for example, agonizing contamination in the balls (testicles), epididymitis, excited prostate and diminished ripeness.

Chlamydia Screening

This test is without agony, basic and classified.

Just come in and get some information about the administration. One of our staff will take you into our discussion room and will give you a chlamydia screening structure to fill in. At that point, you just need to furnish us with your pee test nearby. The structure and the pee test are presented on the lab. The lab will test it and send you the outcome by whichever technique you ticked on the structure, whether it be an instant message, email or letter.imagesOn the off chance that you have a positive result, don’t stress. Chlamydia contaminations are treatable.

Chlamydia Treatment

Pharmacies offer FREE chlamydia treatment and herpes outbreak treatment for anybody between the ages of 12-24 years who have a positive chlamydia test. We likewise treat accomplices of patients with a positive chlamydia screening from above 12 years old. You will get a secret discussion with our Pharmacist who will then give treatment if necessary.

Chlamydia is generally treated with antimicrobials. Anti-toxins are exceptionally viable for treating chlamydia. Two anti-infection agents are utilized to treat chlamydia:

  • Azithromycin (a solitary measurement)
  • Doxycycline (generally two cases day by day for one week)

You ought not to have intercourse for no less than one week after you have completed your treatment. You may need to abstain from engaging in sexual relations for more if your sexual accomplice has not been dealt with so you don’t get to be re-tainted. In the event that you test positive for chlamydia, it’s imperative that your current sexual accomplice and some other late sexual accomplices (inside of recent months) are additionally treated and tested.

5 Ways To Get More Protein in Your Diet

proteinMythsIn today’s world, many people are concerned about their diets and their lifestyle. It is a good idea to become a vegetarian, to give up meat or to add supplement to your diet. However, it is very important to make sure that you get the necessary amount of nutrients your body needs in order to have a good performance every day. Talking about proteins, a person weighing about 100 pounds will need about 100 grams of proteins daily for preserving their muscles. Let’s take a look at these 5 ways to get more protein in your diet:

  1. Greek yogurt is known for its high amount of proteins, pro biotic and Calcium. A cup of Greek yogurt has around 20 grams of proteins and it makes a great snack in between meals.
  2. Replace your regular side dishes made of potatoes or rice. Choose quinoa which is rich in fibers and proteins also It has about 5 grams of protein per serving. In the same time, lentils have about 18 grams of proteins per cup. Edamame are a great appetizer usually served in Japanese restaurants and it has about 16 grams of proteins per cup. Here you can also include broccoli and asparagus.
  3. Go for seafood whenever you have the chance! It is tasty, it is healthy and it contains a lot of proteins! For example: – 100 grams of boiled lobster contains 20 grams of proteins; – 150 grams of boiled crab contains also 20 grams of proteins; – 10 steamed scallops have as much as 23 grams of proteins just like a tuna can
  4. Use protein powder. It comes in many flavors and it has many bases: whey, hemp, soy, brown rice, pea etc. You can make it a part of your daily smoothie or you can even add it to your regular flour while baking something tasty. Researchers state that eating proteins shortly after your daily work-out it prevents you to feel sore.
  5. Choose seeds as a snack. Whether they are sunflower, pumpkin, pomegranate, apricot, hemp, flax or sesame, seeds are nature’s gift to us. They contain more proteins than any vegetables when eaten raw. You can have them as a snack or you can include them in your salads. When you eat them as a snack, you can have them as they are or you can soak them in water. Chia seeds are known for being gluten-free and for having a large amount of Calcium and Vitamin C. On the other hand, hemp seeds are a great source of Omega 3 and 6.

10 tips to get shredded

get-shreddedSix pack is certainly the best thing any man wants. But attaining this state has always been hampered by too much body fats that result from the unhealthy diets we keep. Thus getting shredded to some people is unattainable dream it is actually possible to get there only that it requires time and discipline. There are many ways to attain this state and the following are ten tips that may help you get shredded, and you can start by reading a p90x3 review here.

First don’t cut calories far under maintenance. It is not advisable to lose too much such that it falls below the normal level that should be 500-800 a day. This would imply that one become leaner than before thus not able to reposition themselves as they are expected.

Carbohydrate manipulation is also another important tip as some people have great response to low carbohydrate diet while others don’t. But it is clear that when one takes long without carbs then their body start losing muscle volume resulting to difficulty in performing simple tasks.

Other important tips to getting shredded include: cardio sessions setting the body in catabolic state and doing cardio 3 times a week of which each session is 30 minutes will give you excellent results. Giving yourself time to get in shape is also essential as most change take time to occur. To lose body fats takes about 90 days so you should exercise patience and allow changes to take place. But with proper diet changes can occur in a few months.

Taking your fats before bed, keeping your testosterone on the lower side, taking some grape fruit before bed time, lower your volume as you get leaner and trying to get enough rest are some other important tips that enable you to get shredded faster. For instance lowering your volume as you get leaner helps prevent injuries since as one get to single digit body fat, they become susceptible to injury. Thus at this point it is your diets that will enable you reach your target since not more of cardio or weight training can do you any good. You can also get get shredded with crazy bulk who produce a line of powerful legal anabolic supplements. Read a full crazy bulk review here.

Lastly make sure you get enough rest since many of the body fat degradation occur during sleep. Thus a decrease in the duration and quality of sleep may make it difficult to lose fats. Hence it may be important to take carbohydrates in the evening instead of daytime. This will certainly help you achieve much sleep thus burning of fat.